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Inspirational Leadership and Creativity



An inspirational leader instils confidence and energy into an organisation. This course gives delegates the expertise to build a high performance and high trust culture. Inspirational leadership is about the ability to motivate people to achieve high standards of performance. It takes special skills to inspire people to perform at a high level on a regular basis.

This course has been designed to provide a framework to empower an inspirational leader to facilitate creativity and innovation in their organisation.

Who should attend

This course is designed for Managers, Directors and Team Leaders who wish to enhance their skills and capabilities to inspire others, as well as those who want to create a self-motivated workforce and share their vision more effectively.


Inspirational leadership

  • Understanding the principles of leadership
  • Recognise the key qualities of inspirational leaders and how they differ from traditional leaders
  • The leadership challenge – Kouzes and Posner
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence to increase empathy

Creating a shared vision

  • Developing a clear vision for the organisation
  • Building a plan to communicate the vision through all layers of the organisation
  • Creating a culture of trust to build confidence in others
  • Implementing the shared vision to create buy-in
  • Continuously monitoring the energy levels of teams and the organisation for vision alignment

Creativity and innovation

  • Understanding how creativity and innovation are intrinsically linked
  • Creating an environment that encourages and develops both creativity and innovation
  • Stages of successful ideation
    • Generation, selection and implementation
  • Facilitating and presenting successful creative/innovative solutions

Teamwork and Involvement

  • Promoting teamwork and cooperation beyond the boardroom
  • Developing creativity as a team activity that is practiced regularly
  • Types of motivation & how to use them
  • Praising and giving regular constructive feedback at all levels
  • LBWA – Leadership by Wandering Around

Leading Change

  • Leading and managing change initiatives
  • Implementing Kotter’s 8-Step process for leading change
  • Being a positive agent of change
  • Reinforcing confidence, trust, organisational commitment and an openness to change

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the role of strategic planning
  • Set clear and realistic objectives
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Identify recourses, competencies and strategic capabilities
  • Identify, asses and mitigate risk
  • Evaluate and select strategic alternatives
  • Understand the politics and networks of an organisation
  • Strategic corporate communication
  • Enhance leadership skills

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