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Influential Communication and Critical Thinking



 This course will provide delegates with a framework to become an authentic leader by developing and refining their communication and critical thinking skills.

The course will focus on key aspects of leadership performance, inspiring and influencing those around to achieve organisational success.

Increasingly in the rapidly changing modern business environment global companies call for the use of critical thinking, with this complex cognitive ability seen as crucial to recognising valid business argument, evaluating problems and finding innovative, creative solutions.  This course will build upon these essential techniques.

Who should attend

This innovative and practical course is designed for Managers, Team Leaders and Executives with responsibility for leading others as well as all those who require strong decision-making skills and the ability to inspire their team


Influential leadership

  • Influential situational leadership approaches
  • Self-orientation: Understanding your inner compass
  • Recognising your impact on your team
  • Relationship mapping, internal networking and workplace politics

Using influence to inspire performance

  • Setting performance measures for individuals and teams
  • Applying the SCARF model to ensure ownership
  • Team empowerment  
  • Investing your time: the tipping point principle

Influential communication and persuasion

  • Build rapport to conduct positive and assertive conversations
  • Understanding peoples drives, wants, needs and behaviours
  • Building empathy
  • Using storytelling to communicate your message

Using critical thinking to generate results

  • Thinking styles preferences – the Whole Brain model
  • Changing a culture of assumptions
  • Avoiding circular reasoning and confirmation bias
  • Integrating solutions to department processes

Applying critical thinking in the workplace

  • Critical Thinking vs. Creative Thinking
  • The diffusion of innovation model
  • Idea generation
  • How to keep good ideas alive

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop a plan for strengthening your leadership skills
  • Conduct constructive conversations 
  • Build empathetic relationships
  • Communicate persuasively
  • Develop influential tactics and strategies
  • Apply critical thinking to business situations
  • Solve problems using creative thinking 

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