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Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management



Modern organisations look at what is required by their customers, and at where their suppliers are sourcing their requirements. This broader view allows the organisation to increase profits, increase customer satisfaction and reduce risks. 

This course has been designed to look at all the links in the supply chain, and to allow delegates to create effective and implementable strategies for adding value, improving performance and reducing risk.

Who should attend

This course is designed for all those who are indirectly involved in the supply chain within an organisation – buyers, operations, finance. It will introduce delegates to the challenges and opportunities that exist for organisations when managing the supply chain.


Understanding Supply Chain Management

  • Defining the supply chain and understanding how to design the process
  • Deciding whether to buy, make or outsource
  • Structuring the supply chain process
  • Price, Cost and Added value
  • Cost control processes
  • Critical success factors and cause of failures

Inventory and stock management

  • Evaluating risk in supply chains
  • Logistics and transport
  • ABC and Pareto approaches
  • Understanding stock control approaches – JIT or agile
  • The inventory Bullwhip
  • ERP systems and e-procurement tools

Planning, forecasting and communications

  • Effective demand planning
  • The importance of supply forecasting
  • Establishing and using multifunctional teams
  • Overcoming barriers to internal co-ordination
  • Stakeholders and appropriate communication methods

Contracts and legal issues

  • Including KPIs in contracts
  • The dispute and review processes
  • Utilising dispute resolution approaches
  • Blacklists and approved suppliers

Supplier relationship management

  • Understanding global sourcing issues
  • Partnerships, alliances and all other client relationships
  • Turning critical success factors into measurable Key Performance measures
  • The role of Agents and Distributors.
  • The difference between 3PL and 4PL providers

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the key issues and principles of Supply Chain Management
  • Develop implementable and appropriate strategies
  • Achieve best possible results in managing the supply chain
  • Develop and apply relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Evaluate the supply chain risk
  • Understand cross-business co-ordination
  • Recognise the difference between “Just in Time” and stockholding approaches
  • Incorporate Critical Success Factors in contracts

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