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Developing Essential Public Relations Skills



Public Relations (PR) is an essential management responsibility that no organisation can be without. It has its own theories, practices, tools and methods.

In a fast-changing communication world, PR practitioners need to keep up with the new ways of reaching and convincing their audiences if they are to achieve their desired results in a competitive information environment.

This course provides the skills to use PR at the corporate level and to maximise the marketing of products and services. It will equip delegates with the knowledge and approaches to plan effective PR strategies, build campaigns and to use PR in a marketing or a crisis situation.

Who should attend

This practical and interactive course is prepared for Public Relations Professionals who need to broaden their knowledge and add to their existing skills.  This will also be of benefit to Marketing Managers, Marketing Professionals who are required to understand social media and the challenges of managing corporate reputation resilience.


Influencing awareness, attitudes and behaviours

  • Public Relations theories and practice
  • Shaping public opinion and behaviours – the role of the media
  • How people absorb news and other media
  • Being audience-centric and how media is consumed
  • Differentiating awareness/ attitude/ opinion and behaviour change

PR in marketing

  • The role and tools of PR in the Marketing Mix
  • Writing for the media: news and article structures
  • New media: social media/citizen journalists/bloggers/influencers
  • Visual and video PR
  • Essentials of content creation

Corporate PR and resilience

  • Business/Government and reputation management
  • Supporting the corporate brand: narratives and storytelling
  • PR in emergency and crisis situations
  • Public affairs and investor relations

Strategy, planning and evaluation

  • Business objectives to your PR plan
  • OASIS model for planning
  • Targeting and segmenting audiences
  • Identifying  the right content and channels
  • Research for better PR
  • Measuring and evaluating media and campaigns

Campaigning with PR

  • Creativity in seeking solutions
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Using new media - creating ‘buzz’ and ‘WoM’
  • Managing the PR function: in-house and agencies

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use PR to meet business objectives
  • Be audience centric to improve your PR
  • Use research to direct PR and respond to change
  • Create effective PR strategies and plans
  • Respond to the needs of the media in your PR
  • Get the best from new/social media in your PR
  • Integrate PR into marketing campaigns
  • Ensure corporate reputation resilience
  • Manage PR team for maximum impact

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