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Change Management for Global Organisations



This course has been designed to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead change initiatives in global organisations.

According to research conducted by the Kotter Institute, 70% of change initiatives end in failure.  Delegates attending this course will focus on the techniques and approaches required to deliver successful change.  We will address the critical factors which are vital to reaching your goals, including the people and cultural side of change, managing the change process effectively and guiding your impacted personnel through the change process in a sustainable and emotionally supportive way.

Who should attend

This essential course is designed for Directors, Development Managers, Senior Executives and decision-makers, who wish to introduce the latest powerful techniques for planning and implementing change effectively.


Organisational change

  • Developing a change vision and strategy
  • Identify the key drivers of value for the business
  • Secure executive sponsorship for your change efforts
  • Build critical competencies at all levels

How leadership can guide change forward

  • Transparent leadership – the key to fostering a culture of trust
  • Aligning the senior team strategy to the organisation’s vision
  • Building a guiding coalition or transformation task force
  • Developing customer and employee focused culture

Effective communication

  • The importance of communication in global change management
  • Communicating and connecting the vision to people’s values
  • Developing a top down, lateral and bottom up communication plan
  • Styles and techniques for communicating a message with impact

Leading and managing change

  • Understanding and applying Kotter’s ‘8 eight accelerators’ for leading change
  • Recognising resistance to change and coaching people through the process
  • ADKAR model to understand the building blocks of behaviour change
  • Measuring the impact of success and value for the organisation   


  • The importance of sustainability for transformational change
  • Stickability and Spreadability of the change initiative
  • The power of paradigm shifts in reinforcing change
  • Developing creativity and innovation

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate external pressures for change
  • Appreciate the impact of organisational design
  • Guide the organisation through all stages of change
  • Foster a culture of trust
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Become a key driver in a people centric organisation’
  • Communicate the change process strategically
  • Deal with resistance to change

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