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Best Negotiation Skills for Procurement and Sourcing



Being able to negotiate effectively is vital at all levels of an organisation. Everyone from senior executives to contract managers are engaged daily in negotiations that determine the organisations success. Many of these are internal and are often no less important than negotiations with external parties.

This course will equip participants with a structured and strategic approach to negotiation. Participants will be introduced to the latest thinking and techniques from the field of negotiation. They will also have chance to practise these approaches and techniques during the course and recieve feedback from the trainers.

Who should attend

This course is designed for Buyers, Managers, Technical Specifiers and Sales Professionals wishing to gain an insight into the art and science of procurement negotiation.  The course is applicable to all personnel engaging with suppliers, or taking part in the management of suppliers.


Key issues in negotiations

  • Negotiation approaches
  • ‘Integrative’ vs. ‘distributive’ negotiations
  • Balancing the outcome of a negotiation with the relationship
  • A structured approach to negotiation
  • Pre-negotiation research

Planning and preparing for negotiation – key strategies

  • Setting the parameters for your negotiations
  • Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) - when and how to use it
  • Using a ‘red team’ to strengthen your planning
  • Team roles and tactics
  • Preparing and developing the optimum strategy and prepare your negotiation parameters

Interpersonal skills of negotiation

  • Characteristics of a successful negotiator
  • Understanding your current negotiation style
  • The importance of questioning and listening
  • Question blocking techniques
  • Using silence as a powerful negotiation tool
  • Understanding body language
  • Controlling time and the environment


Practicing negotiating

  • Day of negotiation: delegates will engage in a series of negotiation case study which will allow them to practice all elements of negotiation covered throughout the course


Difficult negotiations

  • Clarifying the real problem and managing the issues
  • Staying assertive
  • Brainstorming options and scenarios
  • Leveraging your position








At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Approach negotiation in a structured and strategic manner
  • Prepare effectively for any negotiation
  • Understand their – and other’s - natural negotiating styles
  • Implement a range of proven negotiating techniques and be able to use them effectively
  • Communicate their position positively and assertively and listen to the other side’s position effectively
  • Leverage effectively every advantage in a negotiation
  • Negotiate effectively even in difficult situations
  • Make the best use of their team in a negotiation

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