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Advanced Commercial Awareness



This intensive course is designed to enhance the commercial acumen of managers, supervisors, and team leaders. Participants will delve into the intricacies of strategic decision-making, understand the nuances of commercial strategies, and refine their skills in managing contracts and supply chains. The course aims to provide practical tools and methodologies that enable professionals to make informed decisions, drive profitability, and effectively navigate the complexities of the modern business environment. By the end of this program, delegates will be equipped with the knowledge to make a significant, strategic impact within their organisations.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for managers, supervisors, and team leaders who play a pivotal role in their organisation’s strategic and commercial decisions. It is particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance their commercial awareness and strategic thinking, streamline operations, and lead their teams towards achieving business excellence. Professionals in these roles will find the course invaluable for gaining insights into advanced commercial strategies and practical approaches to real-world challenges.


Commercial Analysis

  • Exploring globalisation impacts
  • Analysing the VUCA world dynamics
  • Balancing strategic thinking with operational realities
  • Forecasting and adapting to organisational shifts
  • Establishing organisational direction

Formulating Commercial Strategies

  • Evaluating critical information for strategic planning
  • Crafting strategic options in commercial contexts
  • Developing comprehensive business strategies
  • Setting achievable organisational objectives
  • Implementing strategic policies and procedures

Optimising Logistics and Supply Chains

  • Managing supply chain dynamics
  • Strategising for effective logistics operations
  • Enhancing procurement strategies
  • Understanding market distribution challenges
  • Innovating in inventory and warehouse management

Mastering Contract Management

  • Understanding contract fundamentals
  • Navigating the contract life cycle
  • Preparing and formalising contracts
  • Managing contracts effectively
  • Establishing KPIs and SLAs in supplier relationships

Leading and Influencing Commercially

  • Developing leadership skills for commercial impact
  • Influencing internal and external stakeholders
  • Enhancing team performance through effective leadership
  • Communicating strategically within and outside the organisation
  • Fostering a culture of commercial awareness and strategic focus

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Assess and respond to global trends affecting the business environment.
  • Strategically align operational activities with broader organisational objectives.
  • Develop and implement robust commercial strategies.
  • Optimise supply chain and logistics management for enhanced efficiency.
  • Manage contracts effectively throughout their life cycle.
  • Improve supplier relationships through strategic KPIs and SLAs.
  • Lead and influence teams and stakeholders with a strong commercial understanding.
  • Drive organisational change and adaptation through strategic leadership.



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