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This course is ideal for executives seeking to improve their knowledge across a wide spread of advanced business skills. It offers delegates a challenging and rewarding experience to succeed in their chosen profession, providing an insight into business and preparing them for what might be a further exploration.  Overall, this course will provide an excellent understanding of the foundations of business.

Delegates will also find benefit from networking with other leaders and to drawing on their experiences.

Who should attend

This demanding course is designed for Managers, Senior Executives, Department Heads and all those who need to improve their critical thinking and acquire the key skills to enable them to make more informed and commercially viable strategic decisions.


Leadership and impact

  • Leadership – developing a congruent style
  • Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Become a skilled and focused decision maker
  • Defining, building and leading high-performance teams
  • Coaching others towards self-motivation and autonomy

Strategic management and operational execution

  • Developing a holistic approach to strategy
    • Globalisation, Glocalisation and Localisation
  • Opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0
  • How to think and analyse strategically
  • Generating a people strategy for life after Boomers and Gen X
  • Successfully implementing strategy in to the day-to-day operations

Marketing strategy

  • How marketing contributes to the organisation 
  • Corporate identity vs Brand identity
  • Defining profitable value propositions that resonate with customers 
  • Marketing Mix: product, service characteristics, price place promotion 
  • Digital marketing: Channels, SEO, content and data
  • Develop a marketing plan to execute

Financial management

  • Aligning corporate strategy and financial strategy
  • Understanding financial objectives, and use of key-performance indicators
  • Sources of finance for businesses and projects
  • Methods of financing – equity or debt capital, internal or external financing and corporate philanthropy
  • Instruments of profit management and how to use them

Entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability

  • Entrepreneurship vs intrapreneurship
  • Enterprise and innovation in a global context
  • Commercial growth of high-tech ventures for diversification
  • Sustainable social enterprise
  • Developing a creative and innovative curiosity

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop an impactful leadership style
  • Understand the influence of emotional and social intelligence on others
  • Appreciate the sway of strategy in the business environment
  • Understand the stages of marketing
  • Utilise financial management decision making
  • Think like an entrepreneur
  • Inspire and influence others
  • Lead by example to motivate others

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