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Management of Change

London fees £3600 Dubai fees $4400 Marbella fees $5500
Duration 5 days



The only constant in the business world today is change. Whether anticipated or enforced, it is the board's responsibility to define and communicate the goals of change in order to direct the change process and to ensure that goals are achieved. This course will provide participants with an insight into the forces of change and the crucial factors required for success.

Who should attend?

This practical course is designed for; directors, development managers, executives and decision-makers, who wish to introduce the latest powerful techniques for planning and implementing change effectively.

  I really appreciate the friendly attitude from all LMC staff. Hayat Abbas, KOC

Identifying the external pressures for change

Understanding the process of internal change

Recognising the stages of change

Appreciating the significance of corporate culture in implementing change

Ways of initiating and directing change resulting from company growth or contraction


    • Understanding the impact of globalisation on the organisation
    • Assessing the effects of local and global competition
    • Introducing 'Glocalisation'

Managing and leading change

Anticipating where change may be resisted and assessing ways of overcoming barriers

Sustaining competitive advantage

    • Evaluating various ways of initiating change
    • Improving business performance by introducing Total Quality Management
    • Business process re-engineering

Management of innovation

    • Creativity and competitive thinking

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

    • Identify and evaluate external pressures for change
    • Understand the impact of organisational design
    • Lead and manage the change process
    • Recognise the stages of change
    • Understand and evaluate the external environment to sustain competitive advantage
    • Implement Total Quality Management
    • Manage innovation and employ creative thinking to effect change management
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