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Level 3 First Line Management Certificate

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) (2 day course)



Gain the CMI Certificate in First Line Management by attending this valuable and engaging 2 day course.

The Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management provides an introduction to the skills, roles and responsibilities of this management area. It will also develop your basic knowledge by focusing on the development of specific management skills.

LMC courses will provide you with the best chance of success first time.

The qualification is normally completed within 3-6 months, but learners have up to 3 years. The CMI recommended Total Unit Time (time this should be studied for) is 130 hours.

Who should attend

The Level 3 qualifications in First Line Management are ideally suited to first line managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone within a management or leadership role. 

To study and complete the assessment takes between 3 and 6 months.


This course will cover the programme outline of Unit 3008 Improving team performance and Unit 3005 Identifying development opportunities

Understanding team dynamics

  • Describe the principles underlying leadership of individuals and teams
  • Identify the links between individuals, teams and organisational objectives
  • Explain methods of communicating individual and team objectives
  • Describe methods of conducting individual and team competence reviews

Developing teams and individuals

  • Identify the links between current competencies and the team and organisational objectives
  • Identify activities to support the development of current competencies of the team
  • Explain the impact of current competencies on organisational objectives
  • Identify development opportunities for individuals and teams
  • Describe methods of agreeing development opportunities with individuals and teams
  • Describe processes to measure and review individual and team development objectives

Understanding individual and team performance

  • Describe the manager’s role in identifying performance issues in the team 
  • Describe how to evaluate individual and team performance and behaviours
  • Identify the limits of responsibility for dealing with individual and team performance
  • Identify the range of approaches available
  • Describe the different methods available in providing help and support in order to improve performance of an individual

Performance Management

  • Explain how to conduct a performance counselling session for an individual
  • Explain the importance of maintaining confidentiality
  • Agree with a team member an action plan to address a performance issue
  • Explain the range of support services available
  • Explain how to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved
  • Explain the circumstances when disciplinary and grievance procedures may be invoked
  • Explain the first line manager’s role in a disciplinary and grievance situation

At the end of the course delegates will receive the CMI Certificate in First Line Management and be able to: 

  • Identify issues which affect performance
  • Select and apply the best course of action to address a performance issue
  • Take action to achieve the performance issue of an individual
  • Understand the factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives
  • Understand the current competencies of individuals and teams
  • Understand how to develop the competencies of individuals and teams