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Lean Leadership - A Strategic Guide to Sustainable Change



This course has been designed to engage leaders in the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and Practice and to provide them with the knowledge and techniques to lead their organisations to the next level. It will enable senior managers to discover that Lean is much more than simply a ‘manufacturing tool' and develop an understanding of this comprehensive system of management for any enterprise.

Delegates will recognise that the Lean Management System applies to every part of a business and is a core element of corporate strategy, whether it is for profit, non-for profit, government or non-governmental organisation. The course will challenge leaders to think about their main business problems and their role in addressing them, while emphasising that the executive team has a vital role to play in the organisations success.

Who should attend

This highly practical and intensive course is designed for Managers, Operational Professionals and all those who are interested in creating greater efficiency within their company and implementing the Lean process.


What is Lean Management?

  • Understanding the ‘non-zero-sum’ principle based lean management system
  • The value proposition: waste identification and elimination
  • Utilising value stream maps as a leadership development tool

Lean Leaders

  • How Lean leaders think compared to conventional leaders
  • Defining the values and behaviours of lean leaders
  • How to intentionally carry out Gemba
  • Defining the organisations ‘True North’

What executives need to know about Kaizen

  • Understand intent and meaning of Kaizen
  • The importance of executive participation in Kaizen
  • Aligning Purpose-Process-People and the scientific method of PDCA to build the culture of continuous improvement

Leaders performance improvement

  • Developing Leadership standardised work
  • Avoiding errors in decision making
  • Developing stakeholder principle for business improvement  
  • The importance of developing a psychological safe working environment for business improvement and sustainability

Implementing Lean change initiatives

  • The role of leadership in initiating, implementing and sustaining organisational change
  • Executing the Lean Change Roadmap for transformation
    • The process of making it ‘real’, transforming thinking and acting
  • Maintaining Toyota KATA to re-enforce the key objectives for the organisation and sustain open transparent communication  

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of Lean management
  • Recognise the differences between Lean and conventional Leadership
  • Explore the concept of “waste” and the impact it has on organisational systems
  • Implement Kaizen activities
  • Improve executive decision making
  • Recognise the role of leadership in lean change transformations 

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