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Leadership Skills for Supervisors

London fees £3600 Dubai fees $4400
Duration 5 days



Supervisors and Team Leaders are the key players in a team’s ability to deliver successfully and positively. They also provide a vital link in delivering the organisation’s strategy, standards and expectations. This course will focus on the essential skills and qualities for effective management and leadership, building successful teams and achieving personal, departmental and company goals.

Who should attend?

This inspiring programme is designed for Supervisors and Line Managers who wish to develop individual, group and one-on-one leadership skills and acquire competencies needed with evolving management role and responsibilities. 

  Thanks to the LMC team for the outstanding efforts made to have an excellent learning environment at very high quality. Mr Ali Fagihi, Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (SAUDI ARAMCO)

Fundamentals of Leadership

    • Understanding the difference between supervision and management in a modern organisation
    • Identifying the difference between managers and leaders
    • Examining leadership styles
    • Building credibility and trust of your co-workers and subordinates

Developing interpersonal effectiveness

    • Effective communication skills
    • Questioning and listening skills
    • Eliminating barriers to effective communication
    • Identifying methods and techniques of applying assertiveness effectively
    • Coaching and mentoring other to success

Problem Solving and decision making

    • Defining and analysing the problem
    • Evaluation tools and techniques
    • Instilling a 'non-blame' culture to encourage a productive, solution-oriented environment

Achieving best results from your team

    • Teambuilding and co-operation
    • Motivation and direction
    • Performance appraisal
    • Praising and giving constructive feedback
    • Dealing with underperformance

Creativity and innovation

    • Creating an environment that encourages creativity and innovation
    • Methods for idea generation and creative stimulation
    • Understanding how to present new ideas and initiatives
    • Facilitating the successful implementation of creative ideas
    • Facilitating creative thinking

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

    • Develop effective communication skills
    • Realise the best practice of handle conflicts
    • Influence others to achieve success
    • Identify problems and make decisive decisions
    • Build and lead high performance teams
    • Understand how to effectively coach and mentor others
    • Inspire creative thinking and new initiatives   
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