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Internal Auditing and Quality Assurance



Managing the audit process is an important responsibility in many organisations. This course is designed to equip participants with skills and knowledge for the practical aspects of undertaking effective audits and to prepare for audits conducted on their organisation. It will explore a detailed approach to auditing including; planning, implementation and reporting. Concepts such as corrective and preventive actions will also be explored during the course.

Who should attend

This course is designed for managers and executives who are tasked with managing or creating internal audit systems for your organisation, or with managing an audit team.


Internal and External Audit Process

  • Role and responsibilities of internal and external auditors
  • Audit definitions and concepts
  • Risk Management

Audit Planning and Preparation Based on Set Requirements

  • Aspects of planning
  • Evaluate acceptable audit risk
  • Conduct audits
  • Define the scope of audit
  • Create audit plan
  • Importance of internal controls

Managing Audits and Audit Teams

  • Recognise different strengths within the team and yourself
  • Adapt your leadership style to maximise the performance
  • Recognise the symptoms of stress within the people and plan remedial action

Non-Financial Audit

  • Assessing the HR function
  • IT security
  • Business processes improvement
  • Quality Assurance

Audit Communication and Meetings

  • Analyse the findings
  • Understanding your organisation
  • Communication style
  • Effective audit report

Post-Project Appraisal 

  • Fraud - identification and investigation
  • Financial reporting irregularities
  • External reporting
  • Internal reporting

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of internal audit
  • Evaluate current effectiveness
  • Identify potential risk
  • Plan and prepare to carry out an internal audit
  • Clarify preferred HR practices and its role within the organisation
  • Establish the essentials for future improvement.
  • Successfully manage your team
  • Define Business Process Improvement
  • Analyse the audit finding and make recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Communication
  • Internal Audit
  • Leadership
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management

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