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Influencing Skills & Personal Effectiveness



This course offers an experiential learning approach to fully understand influence.  It removes the mystique of influencing others and will demonstrate how delegates can acquire the skills to be more influential in the workplace and improve their quality of relationships with others.

Delegates will be able to apply real influencing strategies to gain commitment and foster collaboration.

The course will also highlight how to achieve personal goals by developing trust and cooperation, while increasing their self-awareness and understanding how influence will enhance their professional impact.

Who should attend

This practical and essential course is designed for Managers, Team Leaders and Executives with responsibility for leading others as well as all those who require strong influencing skills to increase their impact in the workplace.

5 days

London | £4950


Understanding and demystifying Influence

  • Defining influence and its uses
  • Influence v manipulation
  • Identifying Influencing styles
  • Essential skills for influencing
  • Influencing with integrity
  • Embracing positive influence behaviours

Building your Network to Influence

  • The importance of networking
  • Informal v formal network analysis
  • Source of power – positional and personal
  • Perception of power
  • Building trust with others
  • How leaders create and use networks

Interpersonal Skills of Influence

  • Listening actively to influence
  • Establishing rapport
  • Merrill Reid social styles
  • Engaging and channelling influencing skills
  • Use of body language to influence effectively
  • Delivering effective feedback – using Johari Window)


Planning and Preparation for Influence

  • Planning to influence, hard and soft
  • Preparing to persuade (Robert Chaldini)
  • Building credibility (personal impact)
  • Preparing influential presentations
  • Understanding different personality types

Practical Uses of Influence

  • Influencing your team in order to collaboratively problem solve
  • Managing conflict within a team
  • Upward influencing
  • Influencing difficult work situations

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand Influencing Skills and Styles
  • Network more effectively
  • Build trust with colleagues and team-mates
  • Use Body Language effectively
  • Prepare influential presentations
  • Use influence to aid problem-solving and resolving conflict
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