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Human Resources Management Using Data and Analytics



This comprehensive course, equips HR professionals with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively integrate data analytics into human resources practices. Attendees will learn to capture and analyze HR data, creating actionable insights that align with and advance business strategies. The course covers the strategic role of HR in shaping business outcomes, mastering HR analytics for decision-making, cultivating a positive organisational culture, optimising the employee lifecycle through data-driven methods, and robust HR reporting and risk management. Through interactive workshops, case studies, and real-world applications, delegates will develop an understanding of how to use data to influence recruitment, performance management, and employee retention. 

Who should attend

This course is tailored for HR Professionals, Recruitment Managers, Training Specialists, and those involved in strategic manpower planning, including HR technical specialists and team leaders overseeing critical HR functions. It is ideal for participants who aspire to incorporate data-driven insights into HR practices, the training is particularly beneficial for those aiming to align HR strategies with overarching business objectives. If you are a subject matter expert seeking to deepen your analytical skills or a leader needing to manage HR functions more effectively, this course offers valuable tools and insights to elevate your expertise and impact within your organisation.


Strategic Role of HR

  • Defining HR’s strategic influence in business
  • Integrating HR strategy with business objectives
  • Exploring Ulrich’s Business Partner Model
  • Anticipating HRM's evolution in future organisations
  • Assessing the impact of emerging technologies and AI on HR


Mastery of HR AnalyticsCrafting robust data analytics strategies

  • Designing effective data collection methods
  • Overcoming common data analytics challenges
  • Enhancing data efficacy to support HR decisions
  • Comparing descriptive and predictive data uses in HR


Cultivating Organisational Culture

  • Developing comprehensive HR policies and procedures
  • Constructing a sustainable employee well-being strategy
  • Fostering employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Evaluating tools to reshape organisational culture
  • Differentiating organisational culture from climate


Data-Driven Employee Lifecycle Management

  • Streamlining recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Optimising compensation and recognition programs
  • Enhancing talent management and development strategies
  • Refining performance management systems
  • Strategising for employee retention


Effective HR Reporting and Risk Management

  • Executing impactful HR analytics reports
  • Identifying and utilising KPIs for HR projects
  • Making informed decisions based on HR data
  • Addressing people risks and complying with GDPR
  • Gaining stakeholder buy-in through data

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Formulate and integrate an HR data analytics strategy into the broader business strategy.
  • Apply Ulrich’s Business Partner Model to align HR functions with business needs.
  • Design and implement effective data collection and analysis methods.
  • Develop HR policies and frameworks that enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Utilise data analytics for effective decision-making in recruitment, retention, and talent management.
  • Construct and deliver impactful HR reports and presentations.
  • Manage organisational risks related to people data and ensure compliance with data protection laws.
  • Drive organisational change by applying insights derived from HR data analytics.



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