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Human Resources Management Using Data and Analytics



This informative and practical course will equip delegates with the tools and techniques to better understand the value of capturing and working with HR data to support business strategies.

The course takes an evidence-based approach to HR procedures and demonstrates the value of looking at information and interpreting analytics in order to solve workforce problems.

It will provide delegates with the ability to extract crucial data, create actionable plans and positively impact HR metrics and business performance.

Who should attend

This highly recommended course is aimed at HR Professionals, Recruitment  Managers, Training Specialists  and those who are actively involved in formulating manpower planning strategies.


The role of HR within the organisation

  • Defining the strategic role of HR
  • Linking HR strategy with overall business strategy
  • Ulrich’s Business Partner Model
  • HRM in the future organisation
    • The impact of emerging technologies and AI
    • Global processes and mobility

The role of HR data and analytics in the organisation

  • Defining data analytics processes
  • Developing the data analytics strategy and designing the data collection methods
  • Challenges of data analytics
    • How to maximise data effectiveness and prevent data failure points?
  • Descriptive vs. predictive approaches in using data

How HR shapes the organisation

  • Developing HR policies and procedures
  • Designing an employee well-being strategy and measuring the VOI
  • Creating positive experiences: employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Assessment methods to support changing organisational culture
    • Organisational culture vs. organisational climate

Optimising ROI with data analytics in the employee life-cycle 

  • Recruitment, selection and onboarding
  • Compensation, reward and recognition
  • Talent management and people development
  • Performance management systems
  • Employee turnover and retention strategies

HRM reporting

  • Reporting, executing analysis and gaining buy-in using data
  • Identifying KPIs which use data to measure HR projects
  • HR data-based decision making
  • Managing areas of people risk and data protection (GDPR)

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the role of Human Resources in achieving strategic goals
  • Create HR policies and procedures
  • Understand the role of analytics in Human Resources
  • Use HR data to improve HR processes
  • Plan and forecast using data analytics
  • Optimise Return on Investment for Human Resources
  • Write KPI for HR projects
  • Carry out HRM Reporting 

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