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Financial Risk Management, Reporting and Mitigation



A well-developed financial risk management plan will allow the organisation to develop a strategy, which will deliver continued business growth. This course will deliver the tools and techniques to enable that.

This course is designed to provide delegates with the ability to identify financial risks and mitigate them and will enhance delegates’ awareness of the subject while providing them with the tools and skills to implement risk management procedures.

Delegates will receive the knowledge and approaches, which will enable them to create financial strategies which will avoid losses, maximise profits and act quickly in making sound investment decisions.

Who should attend

This stimulating and thought-provoking course is designed for Finance Managers, Directors, Senior Executives and decision makers, who have a responsibility to understand the effect of financial risk on their organisation, how they can plan to mitigate those risks and make better financial decisions. This course will provide delegates with the essential practical tools and techniques to develop and enhance their approach to financial risk management.


Credit risk management

  • Risk management process
  • Credit risk – what is it and why is it so important
  • Supplier and customer risk
  • The credit risk management process
  • Best practices in credit risk management

Market risk management

  • Types of market risk
  • Market risk measurement
  • The uncertainty of Foreign exchange markets
  • Commodity risk
  • Best practices in market risk management

Liquidity risk management

  • Analysing liquidity risk
  • Market liquidity and the effect on asset value
  • Funding liquidity
  • Liquidity risk mitigation strategies

Risk transfer

  • Principles of risk transfer
  • Insurance concepts
  • Insurance and loss financing

Investment appraisal

  • Methods of investment appraisal
  • Taxation and capital investment decisions
  • Inflation and capital investment decisions
  • Risk management

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of effective financial risk management and the potential impact on organisations
  • Recognise, analyse, mitigate and control financial risk
  • Understand Credit, Market and Liquidity risk
  • Carry out financial risk management within overall organisational risk management initiatives
  • Make use of risk management, reporting tools and techniques
  • Transfer risk through insurance and loss financing
  • Make better capital investment decisions

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