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Facing The Media



This comprehensive course is meticulously crafted to equip senior professionals with the indispensable skills necessary for adeptly navigating media interactions. Through immersive and hands-on sessions, delegates will master the art of communicating with confidence and authority, vital for effectively delivering organisational messages amidst the scrutiny of the media landscape. Our dynamic approach immerses participants in realistic scenarios, empowering them to retain control and clarity while facing challenging questions. By the course's conclusion, delegates will possess practical tools and strategies to enhance their media presence and inspire trust in their audience.


Who should attend

This course is tailored for Senior Managers, Directors of Public Relations, and professionals across all levels who engage with the media, whether through television or print interviews. It is especially pertinent for those tasked with briefing corporate interviewees or managing media enquiries, ensuring they are equipped to navigate various media platforms confidently and effectively.



Mastering Media Engagement

  • Understanding Media Dynamics
  • Crafting Compelling Key Messages
  • Enhancing On-camera Presence
  • Handling Difficult Questions with Finesse
  • Leveraging Visuals and Body Language

Advanced Media Navigation

  • Navigating Press Interviews with Precision
  • Mastering Interview Techniques
  • Understanding On and Off-the-Record Protocol
  • Adapting Language and Tone for Different Media Platforms
  • Managing Crisis Communication

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Command media interactions with confidence and presence.
  • Effectively prepare for and handle difficult questions from journalists.
  • Craft and deliver compelling key messages and soundbites.
  • Utilise appropriate language, tone, and body language for impactful communication.
  • Navigate different media interview styles and scenarios with ease.
  • Retain control and clarity in high-pressure media environments.
  • Analyse and improve their own media performance through constructive feedback.
  • Strategically manage media interactions to uphold organisational objectives.

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