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Effective Operational Management



In an era marked by rapid organisational change and complex workplace challenges, this five-day course equips aspiring and existing managers with the essential tools to lead effective teams and enhance operational efficiencies. Participants will engage with practical strategies to align team dynamics with organisational objectives, foster cultural awareness, and leverage talent management to achieve superior results. Emphasis is placed on cultivating inclusive leadership and adopting proactive approaches to problem-solving and decision-making.

Who should attend

This course is tailored for Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, and professionals in management roles looking to refine their operational management skills. Ideal for those seeking to advance their careers by mastering the complexities of team leadership, strategic alignment, and performance optimisation in a dynamic work environment.


Fundamentals of Operational Management

  • Exploring management principles and functions
  • Analysing different management styles and their impacts
  • Navigating internal politics to build trust and support
  • Defining roles of supervisors and team leaders
  • Understanding team development stages and management pitfalls


Strategic Alignment and Communication

  • Interpreting and aligning with the organisation's strategic goals
  • Enhancing team culture to reflect company values
  • Facilitating interdepartmental collaboration and international leadership
  • Prioritising tasks and setting clear targets
  • Coordinating projects and managing budget effectively


Enhancing Team Dynamics and Performance

  • Implementing strategies to enhance team dynamics
  • Addressing underperformance and sustaining high team productivity
  • Promoting inclusivity and understanding diversity within teams
  • Engaging team members to improve productivity and quality
  • Analysing the impact of team engagement on turnover and morale


Talent Management Excellence

  • Assessing competencies crucial for operational roles
  • Strategising for talent retention and recruitment
  • Mastering interviewing techniques and the selection process
  • Designing impactful onboarding experiences
  • Developing personal and team growth plans


Operational Effectiveness and Conflict Management

  • Conducting effective operational meetings
  • Managing time and meeting deadlines efficiently
  • Empowering team members through delegation
  • Implementing conflict resolution strategies
  • Creating a constructive and collaborative team atmosphere

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Align team objectives with broader organisational strategies.
  • Employ diverse management styles to enhance team performance.
  • Facilitate effective interdepartmental and international collaboration.
  • Implement strategic talent management to improve team composition and stability.
  • Design and execute effective operational plans and meetings.
  • Enhance team dynamics and handle underperformance proactively.
  • Resolve conflicts and foster a constructive workplace environment.
  • Lead with an inclusive approach, valuing diversity and individual contributions.



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