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Directors Role in Corporate Governance



In the ever-evolving landscape of business, effective corporate governance is the cornerstone of sustained success and ethical operation. For senior managers, aspirant directors, and current board members, understanding the nuances of corporate governance is not just a skill but a vital responsibility.  This course has been designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and insights needed to excel in their roles at the heart of corporate decision-making.

This course equips attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate these challenges successfully. By the end of this immersive experience, participants will emerge better prepared to guide their organisations towards responsible, ethical, and sustainable success in the complex world of modern corporate governance.

Who should attend

This intensive 2-day course is designed for senior managers, aspirant directors, and current directors who wish to enhance their understanding of corporate governance principles and their roles within the boardroom. Whether you are an experienced director looking to stay updated with best practices or a manager aspiring to take on a directorship role, this course will provide valuable insights and knowledge to excel in your corporate governance responsibilities.


Introduction to Corporate Governance

  • Understanding the principles and importance of corporate governance.
  • Overview of the regulatory landscape and its impact on directors' roles.

Board Structure and Composition

  • Examining the composition of boards and the importance of diversity.
  • Discussing the roles and responsibilities of non-executive and executive directors.

Board Decision-Making and Accountability

  • Exploring the decision-making process within the board.
  • Understanding the legal and ethical responsibilities of directors.



Risk Management and Compliance

  • Identifying and managing risks at the board level.
  • Navigating compliance requirements and ethical considerations.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Recognising the interests and expectations of various stakeholders.
  • Strategies for effective stakeholder engagement and communication.

Corporate Culture and Ethics

  • Fostering a culture of ethics, transparency, and responsibility.
  • Handling ethical dilemmas and maintaining corporate integrity.

By the end of this course, delegates can expect to:

  • Understand the Foundations: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles and significance of corporate governance.
  • Navigate the Boardroom: Navigate the intricacies of board structures, decision-making, and accountability, while grasping the importance of effective risk management and compliance.
  • Engage Stakeholders: Develop strategies for meaningful stakeholder engagement and communication to align corporate objectives with stakeholders' expectations.
  • Promote Ethics and Culture: Foster a culture of ethics, transparency, and responsibility within the organisation while learning to address ethical challenges effectively.
  • Apply Knowledge: Acquire actionable insights and practical tools that can be immediately applied in the boardroom, enhancing your effectiveness as a director.
  • Stay Compliant: Stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements and ethical considerations to ensure your organisation operates in accordance with best practices in corporate governance.

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