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Developing Essential Public Relations Skills



This programme focuses on the key principles of public relations practice, and on the challenges faced by marketing and PR professionals in the rapidly-changing landscape of the digital age.   Delegates will receive practical solutions to the challenge of communicating with impact, both internally and externally.  Taking a strategic approach to public relations, this course will give you a range of internal and external strategies to draw upon, with particular emphasis on social media and will provide delegates with expert guidance in how to effectively apply these skills to enhance their workplace performance.

Who should attend

This practical and interactive course is prepared for public relations professionals and managers who need to broaden their knowledge and add to their existing skills.  This will also be of benefit to marketing managers, marketing professionals who are required to understand social media and the challenges of current day public relations.


Understanding how a PR Strategy is Prepared

  • How to situate your objectives within your company’s strategy
  • Balancing internal and external public relations
  • The importance of balancing risk with creativity
  • How to get your board of directors and senior managers involved

Dealing with ‘Information Overload’

  • Limiting – How to identify which key feedback, results and information are important to embrace when creating and reviewing campaigns
  • Future trends – what ‘big data’ will mean for your company
  • Strategies for dealing with information overload
  • Finding out who matters and what they’re saying
  • Creating selection criteria
  • Cultural change
  • Skimming
  • Impacts on decision making

Social Media for Public Relations

  • Advantages and hazards of using social media campaigns, challenges and opportunities
  • What’s out there and how to use it – a review of the key social media sites and platforms
  • Building a coordinated online campaign
  • Analysing your organisation’s web presence and why this is important
  • Understanding popularity vs. influence
  • Ethics and legal guidelines – why public relations practitioners need to lead on this in their organisations

Dynamic Media Skills

  • Is a press release the right approach and how to get agencies and journalists interested in your news
  • Writing with style, the right length and choosing your words
  • Preparing an interview brief, writing speeches and writing for publication
  • Understanding the psychology of communications/Psychology in campaign design

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a PR Campaign

  • How to monitor and analyse the performance of your campaign – aligning your evaluation to organisational strategy
  • Why your evaluation needs to look at both internal and external factors
  • Target group awareness and changes in public opinion
  • Future trends in evaluation and measurement

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Develop PR strategy plans
  • Communicate your strategy to senior management
  • Make sense of big data, and understand its consequences for your organisation
  • Create effective social media campaigns
  • Deliver social media friendly communications
  • Enhance their press release writing skills
  • Effectively present your PR campaign
  • Effectively evaluate the results of your PR campaign
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Decision Making
  • PR Strategy
  • Public Relations (PR)

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