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Effective Public Relations is one of the founding disciplines of the modern organisation: without it, organisations and their leaders can flounder and fail; and the damage can be notorious and wide-ranging.

This course has been designed to enable team leaders and middle managers to deepen their theoretical understanding, strengthen existing practical skills and take a step-up in their approach and ability in effective PR.

Delegates will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to develop PR strategies and tactics, apply creative thinking to PR solutions and manage stakeholder relationships effectively.

Who should attend

This demanding and practical course is aimed at PR Professionals and Managers who need to have a perspective of modern practice, to broaden their knowledge and add to their existing skills.  This course will also be of benefit to Marketing Managers and Marketing Professionals who are required to understand organisation communication and the challenges of current-day public relations.

5 days

London | £4950
Dubai | £4950


Planning and narrative

  • Storytelling: content creation and curation that serve organisational objectives
  • PR and brand personas: consistency and integrity
  • Messaging frameworks
  • “Political” judgement: wisdom over short-term wins
  • Copywriting and editing - the power of simplicity
  • Media training and media relations: building long-term relationships with the media

Strategy and tactics

  • Understanding the difference between strategy and tactics
  • Communications tools and channels: from digital to public affairs
  • PR’s relationship with corporate identity, brand, marketing and advertising
  • Ethical practices and accuracy
  • The importance of quality project management and research 
  • Evaluation: the importance of measurable goals

Whole-organisation communications

  • Supporting colleagues throughout your organisation with their communications
  • The importance of consistent communications protocols and sanctions
  • The PR as commissioner: working with other departments, consultants, designers
  • Project management: securing senior overview and championship
  • Overcoming internal resistance or misunderstandings

Creative thinking

  • Creative thinking for great PR solutions
  • Building creativity into the planning cycle through wins and rewards
  • Keeping creative: managing workloads, simplifying and automating
  • Balancing creativity and control

Stakeholder relations: internal and external

  • Understanding stakeholders: who, where and their relevance
  • Stakeholder mapping: internal and external
  • Working well with marketing departments: stakeholders and target audiences
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Affairs

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Discover the organisation’s long-term narrative for future PR, stakeholder and media relationship-building
  • Improve media relations and copywriting skills
  • Work more effectively with other communications professionals
  • Employ enhanced creative PR problem-solving techniques
  • Automate certain routine PR jobs
  • Overcome internal resistance or lack of confidence in PR
  • Develop stakeholder maps
  • Understand the value of meaningful evaluation

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