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Creating a Customer-Centric Organisation



This course has been designed to develop the techniques within your organisation to improve customer focus, ensuring customer-centricity underpins business processes. This course explores the role of customer experience before, during and after the point of sale, helping drive a competitive advantage and profitability.

The course will provide delegates wit the skills to appraise the importance of customer experience for the success of the organisation, design and implement a customer journey mapping process and identify how to create a seamless omni-channel customer journey.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at employees who want to develop and adapt marketing or operational strategies in a digital and globalised commercial environment, where competing for consumer loyalty is paramount. 

5 days

London | £4950


Understanding the organisational strategy and its operating environment

  • What are the short, medium and long term aims of your organisation?
  • Creating tomorrows organisational strategy (Divergent vs convergent thinking)
  • Understanding the drivers to your organisations success, and the barriers
  • Business planning context -  Input - Throughput - Output Model

Understanding and Evaluating Customer Centricity

  • Understand what customer centricity is and evaluate its importance in today’s competitive environment
  • Evaluate the need for a customer-relationship focus
  • Define what customer experience encompasses
  • Appraise the critical success factors for delivering and enabling customer-centricity
  • Apply learnings to your organisation and identify potential improvements and any related challenges in creating a more customer-centric organisation

Planning the Customer-Centric Organisation

  • Identify the key steps in designing a customer-centric strategy
  • Appraise what customer identification means and how it can be executed
  • Assess the need for, and basis of, customer differentiation
  • Understand consumer needs and needs differentiation
  • Understand the importance of consumer personas and develop key consumer personas for your organisation

Implementing and Assessing your Customer Centricity Plan

  • Appraise the role of customer interaction and customisation when building your customer-centric strategy
  • Identify the role of touchpoints between organisation and consumer
  • Learn how to create a customer journey map, identifying different stages, key activities and motivations within each stage, and potential improvements needed
  • Assess the importance of seamless omnichannel marketing as part of the customer journey
  • Identify how to measure the success of a customer-centric approach





At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • An improved understanding of how individuals interact with your products or services
  • An increased awareness of the importance of placing the consumer at the heart of organisational decision-making
  • An increased ability to implement differentiation versus competition by understanding the need to deliver personalised journeys built on a foundation of integrated marketing and customer experience
  • Improved confidence and skills to develop a unified customer-centric strategic approach that improves the way consumers perceive your organisation