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Corporate Risk Analysis and Driving Change



Risk intelligence is essential for the executive board and senior management of your organisation to make robust business decisions.

In the modern world of business, organisations need to develop a structured and holistic approach to risk management.  There is a need to design and implement enterprise risk management in your organisation to identify, analyse and effectively manage corporate risks, to produce meaningful risk reports and to support the board to develop in implementing risk based business strategies.

Who should attend

This stimulating and thought provoking course is designed for Directors, Senior Executives and decision makers, who want to understand the effect that risk has on their business, how they can plan to offset those risks, and manage the inevitable change.


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Principles of enterprise risk management
  • Designing an ERM structure
  • Difference between risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Key indicators of risk
  • Evaluating types of risk exposure
  • Risk profiling
  • Using ERM as a strategy enabler

Corporate Risk Analysis

  • Changing the business risk landscape
  • Creating a corporate risk register
  • Assessing risk analysis tools
  • Scenario analysis
  • Effective risk reporting
  • Learning lessons from internal and external losses and events

Evaluating risk to assist strategy development and driving change

  • Common challenges in decision making processes
  • Using risk intelligence to develop and drive business strategies
  • Evaluating Economic, Climate and Geo political risks
  • Assessing levels of risk when implementing change initiatives

Promoting a risk culture in your organisation

  • The importance of a risk culture
  • Setting the tone from the top
  • Implementing risk appetite and tolerance
  • Key risk roles and responsibilities
  • Implementing a positive risk culture

Business continuity management

  • Understanding continuity risks and their effects on the organisation
  • Defining and implementing continuity risk tolerances
  • Developing appropriate business strategies to eliminate continuity risks
  • Development and maintenance of continuity plans

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Better appreciate Enterprise Risk Management
  • Use various risk analysis tools to understand and manage corporate risks
  • Build a positive and transparent risk culture
  • Improve risk reporting and risk discussion at the board level
  • Support the board in formulating risk based strategies
  • Better manage emerging and continuity risks

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