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Corporate Risk Analysis and Driving Change



In today’s dynamic business environment, understanding and managing risk is crucial for senior leaders to drive strategic decisions and foster change. This course equips executives with comprehensive risk analysis tools and change management strategies, tailored to enhance decision-making capabilities. Over five days, participants will delve into enterprise risk management, analyse various risk factors, and learn to embed a robust risk culture within their organisations, enabling them to lead adaptively and confidently amidst uncertainties.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for Directors, Senior Executives, and decision-makers seeking to deepen their understanding of risk dynamics and its impact on strategic choices. Participants will gain insights into offsetting risks and steering organisational change effectively, making it especially beneficial for those in leadership roles aiming to fortify their strategic decisions against potential threats and uncertainties.


Establishing Risk Management Foundations

  • Introducing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) principles
  • Structuring an ERM framework
  • Differentiating between risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Identifying key risk indicators
  • Profiling risks within the organisation


Analysing Corporate Risks

  • Mapping the changing landscape of business risks
  • Constructing a corporate risk register
  • Evaluating tools for risk analysis
  • Conducting scenario analysis exercises
  • Reporting risks effectively


Strategic Risk Evaluation and Management

  • Addressing common decision-making challenges
  • Applying risk intelligence in strategy formulation
  • Analysing economic, climatic, and geopolitical risks
  • Assessing risk levels in change initiatives
  • Promoting strategic alignment and responsiveness


Cultivating a Risk-Aware Culture

  • Understanding the importance of a risk culture
  • Leading by example at the executive level
  • Establishing risk appetite and tolerance
  • Defining key risk management roles
  • Encouraging a positive risk culture organisation-wide


Business Continuity Planning

  • Recognising continuity risks
  • Setting continuity risk tolerances
  • Formulating business continuity strategies
  • Developing and maintaining continuity plans
  • Implementing continuity measures effectively

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Assess and integrate risk management principles into their corporate strategy.
  • Construct and utilise a corporate risk register effectively.
  • Distinguish between risk appetite and risk tolerance in decision-making.
  • Develop and execute a business continuity plan.
  • Foster a positive risk management culture within their organisation.
  • Apply scenario analysis to anticipate and mitigate potential risks.
  • Lead change initiatives by evaluating associated risks.
  • Communicate risk assessment results to enhance strategic planning.



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