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Compensation, Benefits and Employee relations



This course is meticulously designed to elevate the expertise of HR professionals in devising strategic compensation and benefits packages aligned with organisational objectives. It deepens understanding of contemporary employee relations to foster workplace well-being and enhance business outcomes. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical tools, participants will refine their ability to implement competitive compensation strategies, engage employees effectively, and resolve workplace conflicts innovatively. This course serves as a catalyst for HR leaders to cultivate a supportive and performance-oriented work environment.

Who should attend

This course is essential for HR Managers, Compensation Analysts, Employee Relations Specialists, and HR Coordinators. It is particularly beneficial for those responsible for shaping compensation structures, developing benefits packages, and managing employee relations within diverse and dynamic organisations. Participants looking to enhance their strategic HR capabilities and apply modern, effective practices in their workplace will find this training invaluable.


Foundations of Compensation Strategy

  • Understanding the role and objectives of compensation
  • Analysing compensation structures and their alignment with business strategies
  • Exploring job evaluation techniques and their application
  • Establishing principles of market pricing and pay scales
  • Introducing sources for compensation and benefits data


Strategic Benefits Management

  • Designing attractive benefits packages tailored to diverse workforces
  • Benchmarking benefits against industry standards
  • Leveraging benefits for enhanced employee engagement
  • Exploring performance and incentive-based pay systems
  • Developing strategic policies for long-term benefits management


Evolving Employee Relations

  • Transitioning from industrial to employee relations
  • Cultivating effective employee communication strategies
  • Enhancing the psychological contract between employer and employee
  • Utilising engagement metrics to assess employee relations
  • Implementing conflict management strategies in the workplace


Employee Engagement and Conflict Resolution

  • Developing frameworks for employee voice and representation
  • Strategies for meaningful workplace conflict resolution
  • Building and maintaining trust in employee relations
  • Techniques for assessing and measuring employee engagement
  • Aligning employee relations practices with organisational goals


Union Relations and Partnership Working

  • Understanding the role and influence of trade unions
  • Strategies for industry-level bargaining
  • Developing skills for effective partnership working
  • Fostering teamwork and strategic alliances across the organisation
  • Managing employment relationships to ensure mutual success

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Design and implement effective compensation structures.
  • Develop competitive, culturally aligned benefits packages.
  • Transition effectively from traditional industrial relations to modern employee relations.
  • Utilise strategic communication to enhance employee engagement and trust.
  • Implement conflict management strategies that maintain workplace harmony.
  • Measure and enhance the impact of employee relations strategies.
  • Negotiate successfully with trade unions and manage partnership agreements.
  • Integrate employee relations strategies with overall business objectives.



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