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Compensation, Benefits and Employee relations



This course has been designed to provide delegates with an understanding of key issues arising when calculating compensation and pay structures and developing attractive and suitable benefits packages. The knowledge and approaches introduced will enable managers to implement an effective system that will support organisational and individual performance, will analyse and benchmark the organisations existing compensation and benefits structure, and will help to ensure the alignment of compensation and benefits strategy with long term corporate objectives.

In addition, delegates will develop an awareness of how Industrial Relations have evolved into Employee Relations, which is having significant impact on business outcomes and employee well-being.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at HR professionals, Analysts, Coordinators and Specialists whose roles include industrial relations, compensation, benefits and reward systems within their organisation.

5 days

London | £4950
Dubai | £4950


Commercial awareness and strategic approaches to compensation benefits

  • The role and purpose of compensation
  • The importance of commercial understanding for the compensation and benefit strategy
  • Strategic issues faced that link directly to compensation benefits
  • Creating policies and procedures for strategic compensation benefits 
  • Assuring the fairness of compensation within own organisation

Determining competitive pay and benefit practices

  • Coordinating job evaluation
  • Job levels and market pricing
  • Sources of pay data
  • Performance/incentive pay
  • Benchmarking competitive benefits practices

Employee relations

  • Employee relations versus industrial relations
  • Employee voice and psychological contract
  • Recognising the benefits of employee engagement
  • Assessing and measuring employee engagement
  • Using benefit policies for employee engagement

Employee relations competencies

  • Develop an awareness of today’s competencies to building good employee relations
  • Principals of an effective employee communication strategy
  • Aligning communications effectiveness
  • Meaningful workplace conflict
  • Sources of conflict and building the right positions in difficult employee relations

The continuing value of employee relations

  • Understand the role of the Trade Unions (Industry Level Bargaining and Partnership Working)
  • Enhance management skills which loads to successful employment relationships
  • The importance of team working and forming strategic partnership within the organisation as a whole

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Employ more commercial awareness and strategic thinking to compensation benefits and Industrial Relations
  • Determine competitive pay and benefit practices
  • Understand why good compensation benefits and reward schemes are important
  • Understand the wider benefits of how organisations are moving away from Industrial Relations
  • Develop employee relation competencies
  • Understand the continuing values of employee relations

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