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Commercial Business Strategy for Leaders



Commercial business strategy enables organisations to cope with the ever-changing business scene by gaining fresh perspectives and devising new approaches to challenges. Strategic planning brings delegates the knowledge on how to expand business acumen and lead the organisation to success.

This course is designed to provide a progressive and structured framework that enables delegates to develop and apply skills for critical and ethical strategy development.

Who should attend

This informative and demanding course is designed for Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, decision makers and those who wish to enhance the skills necessary for mastering the principles of strategic thinking, mitigating risks and scenario planning.


Strategic planning and its role in the organisation

  • Mapping the process of strategic planning
  • Clarifying company vision, mission and values
  • Defining strategic organisational objectives
  • Stakeholder mapping and stakeholder expectations
  • Creating organisational alignment

Strategic analysis

  • Analysing resources, competencies and strategic capability
  • Recognising vulnerability and ‘heterogeneous resources’
  • Identifying and mitigate areas of risk
  • Transforming information to intelligence

Preparing for strategy formulation

  • Analysing the internal business environment and using the VRIO framework
  • Conducting competitive analysis
  • Prepare for disruption and select strategic alternatives
  • Planned strategy vs. Emerging Strategy
  • Assessing value-adding activities and value creation

Selecting and implementing strategy

  • Organisation politics and networks
  • Strategic management and business ethics in different contexts
  • Defining executable strategies
  • Creating scalable operational policies

Executive leadership and execution of strategy

  • The role of corporate governance in strategy execution
  • Identifying performance indicators
  • Measuring strategic success
  • Sustaining and monitoring strategic progress

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the role of strategic planning
  • Set clear and realistic objectives
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Identify resources, competencies and strategic capabilities
  • Identify, asses and mitigate risk
  • Evaluate and select strategic alternatives
  • Understand the politics and networks of an organisation
  • Strategic corporate communication
  • Enhance leadership skills

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