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Business Strategy and Change



In a rapidly changing and evolving business environment, re-directing your business strategy is a necessity of survival and finding competitive advantage.

Modifying an organisation's strategic plan involves analysing the current business practices, determining where and when adjustments are required and taking risks.

This course is designed to equip delegates with an understanding of business strategy and its importance in the survival and growth of an organisation.

It will also emphasise the necessity of managing change initiatives, associated risks and employee challenges, to ensure the successful implementation of the improved business strategy.

Who should attend

This engaging course is designed for those Senior Managers and Directors, Department Heads and all those who play a key role in organisations' strategic alignment and succession plan.


Analysing the business

  • VMOST and stakeholder analysis
  • Analysing  the macro, micro and internal environments
  • Mapping the strategic plan of organisational resources, capabilities and competencies
  • Analysing and mitigating the risks of an improved business strategy

Managing strategically

  • Understanding the rationale behind the new strategy and the challenges across the organisation
  • Constructing alignment to establish organisational direction
  • Identifying Key Success Factors (KSF) and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Formulating operational and functional strategies for change

Strategy implementation

  • Developing a strategic leadership team to articulate and communicate the strategy
  • Converting the business strategy into an executable plan by developing a strategic roadmap for implementation
  • Conducting effective strategy meetings with established reporting to monitor progress of implementation and risk mitigation

Leading change from the top

  • Implementing Kotter’s 8-Step process for leading change
  • Analysing the results and impact on operational metrics
  • Reinforcing confidence, trust, organisational commitment and an openness to change

Managing the resistance to change

  • Recognising the psychological impact of organisational change on employees
  • Leading people through the stages of change
  • Developing strategies and tactics to deal with the human stresses of change
  • Helping employees to engage positively with imposed change

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Analyse a business strategy and identify the need for change
  • Understand the role of strategic planning
  • Develop comprehensive strategies
  • Plan and effectively manage the change process
  • Understand the value and influence of stakeholders
  • Create a strategic roadmap for implementation
  • Evaluate and select strategic alternatives
  • Outline organisational KPIs and KSFs
  • Effectively lead and manage change

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