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Business Process and Management of Change



In today’s global economy, there continues to be a relentless push for greater agility with existing or fewer resources. The agility of organisations increasingly depends on their ability to implement new business processes or to modify existing ones in a dynamic manner while rapidly adapting their information systems to these process changes.

Throughout this course, delegates will focus on the essential skills required to analyse and improve or redesign their processes and manage the people change process.

Who should attend

This challenging course is essential for Managers, Department Heads, and all those involved in process improvement. It is also well suited for those with process experience such as engineers, IT and operational professionals with the responsibility to ‘make it happen’.


Preparing the organisation for growth

  • Evaluating current business plans and identifying the reasons for organisational change
  • Scanning the internal and external environment
  • Defining priority areas for change
  • Developing a strategy to meet the overall needs while fulfilling the triple bottom line
  • Testing the organisations readiness for change

Business Process Management

  • The 5 steps of Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Preparing and communicating the findings
  • Implementing feedback for organisational change

Building the right team for the change journey

  • Engaging key stakeholders to ensure change is delivered
  • Developing a team charter for success
  • Constructing a resistance management plan
  • Planning for and managing cross functional collaboration meetings

Planning and managing change

  • Understand the link between strategic and operational change
  • Taking action and implementing your change plan
  • Tracking and monitoring activities for alignment
  • Identifying problems and dealing with resistance and barriers to change
  • Dealing with conflict effectively

Sustainable change

  • Celebrating successes and wins in the organisational strategy
  • Praising and recognising people’s achievement publicly
  • Building a continuous improvement mind-set
  • Empowering staff to self-manage and process ownership
  • Planning future business transformations

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Implement the five steps of business process management
  • Prepare for organisational change
  • Understand the impact of Shareholders and Stakeholders
  • Set organisational objectives
  • Plan and effectively manage the change process
  • Develop a team charter
  • Create a communication plan
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration
  • Plan for sustainable change
  • Deal with resistance to change

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