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Breakthrough Leadership and Driving Change

Proven strategic leadership and management practices and methodologies


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This course covers proven strategic leadership and management methodologies that have resulted in breakthrough performance in international organisations. It also examines theories and practical applications based on a concept known as the Breakthrough Leadership process. Participants will receive a thorough and action-oriented view of how an executive team can drive accelerated change far beyond business as usual.

Who should attend

This unique course is designed for executives, managers, department heads and decision makers who want to utilise tested techniques in managing accelerated change to maintain profitable businesses. It is also suitable for individuals who wish to improve their understanding of strategic change concepts and practices and their application in achieving breakthrough results.


Breakthrough Leadership – Overview and Key Principles

  • The breakthrough leadership methodology and key principles
  • Breakthrough thinking, planning and achievement
  • Leadership development techniques

Breakthrough Thinking

  • Identifying leadership and thinking styles
  • Defining the organisation’s vision and purpose
  • Determining values and returns

Breakthrough Planning

  • Breakthrough thinking, planning and achievement
  • Strategic issues and strategic initiatives

Breakthrough Achievement

  • Accountability, metrics and tools
  • Enabling transformation
  • Sustaining the breakthrough

Breakthrough Leadership: Thinking Like a CEO

  • Enhancing leadership development and continuous learning
  • Personal transformation assignments
  • Summarising the overall breakthrough leadership process


  • Understanding the impact of globalisation on the organisation
  • Assessing the effects of local and global competition
  • Introducing 'Glocalisation'

Managing and Leading Change

  • Recognising the impact and pressure external changes have on internal pressures
  • Recognising the stages of change
  • Appreciating the significance of corporate culture in implementing change
  • Anticipating where change may be resisted and assessing ways of overcoming barriers

Sustaining Competitive Advantage

  • Evaluating various ways of initiating change
  • Improving business performance by introducing Total Quality Management
  • Business process re-engineering

Management of Innovation

  • Exploring the techniques for managing innovation
  • Creativity and competitive thinking
    • Maximising creativity

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify leadership styles
  • Initiate and lead organisational change
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Manage change
  • Lead business transformation
  • Create an inspiring vision
  • Understand and evaluate the external environment to sustain competitive advantage
  • Implement Total Quality Management
  • Manage innovation and employ creative thinking to effect change management
  • Accountability
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Managing Change

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