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Breakthrough Leadership

Managing workforce, Improving team performance and maintaining a profitable business.

London fees £3600 Dubai fees $4400
Duration 5 days



This course covers proven strategic leadership and management methodologies that have resulted in breakthrough performance in international organisations. It examines theoretical and practical applications based on a concept known as Breakthrough Leadership. Delegates will receive a thorough and action-oriented view of how an executive team can drive their workforce to achieve better performance.

Who should attend?

This challenging course is designed for executives, managers, department heads and decision makers who want to utilise tested techniques in managing their workforce, by improving team performance and maintaining a profitable business.

  Very interactive; interesting material, hand-outs and informative instructors.   Mr Thea Al-Ajmi, Jadwa Investment, Saudi Arabia

Breakthrough Leadership – overview and key principles

  • The breakthrough leadership methodology and key principles
  • Breakthrough thinking, planning and achievement
  • Leadership development techniques

Overture to leadership

  • Identifying leadership and thinking styles

Breakthrough thinking

  • Defining the organisation’s vision and purpose
  • Determining values and returns

Breakthrough planning

  • Strategic issues and strategic initiatives

Breakthrough achievement

  • Accountability, metrics and tools
  • Enabling transformation
  • Sustaining the breakthrough

Breakthrough leadership: thinking like a CEO

  • Enhancing leadership development and continuous learning
  • Personal transformation assignments
  • Summarising the overall breakthrough leadership process

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

    • Identify and develop different leadership styles
    • Identify different thinking styles
    • Develop strategic plans
    • Understand earnings situation analysis
    • Lead business transformation
    • Create an inspiring vision
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