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Best Negotiation Skills for Procurement and Sourcing

London fees £3600 Dubai fees $4400
Duration 5 days



Negotiation is one of the core skills of business, essential for success in dealings with customers, suppliers and co-workers.  This programme has been designed to study the key issues in negotiation relating to procurement and sourcing, including negotiating with both suppliers and colleagues.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for buyers, managers, technical specifiers and sales professionals wishing to gain an insight into the art and science of procurement negotiation.  The course is designed to be applicable to all personnel engaging in contact with suppliers, or taking part in the management of suppliers.

  LMC covered all of the course subjects fully, so much so they have inspired me to learn other topics! Mohamed Shamil, Qatari Diar (Customised Training Course)

Key Issues In Negotiations

  • Negotiation approaches
  • Win-win and win-lose negotiations
  • One-off negotiations
  • Repeated negotiations
  • Preferred styles

Negotiation Priorities

  • BATNA – best alternative to negotiated agreement
  • Needs, wants and additional elements
  • Price  and other issues
  • Interests and positions

The Process of Negotiation

  • Influencing internally and externally
  • Team negotiation roles
  • Controlling time and the environment
  • Sales ploys and how to manage them

Crunch Points

  • The body clock and circadian rhythms
  • How to manage closing techniques
  • Verbal and non-verbal clues

Negotiating from a Weak Position

  • Brainstorming option and scenarios
  • Leveraging your position

Planning your next negotiation

  • After the negotiation – ensuring delivery

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

    • Understand the key issues in negotiation
    • Identifying and securing “Win – Win” results
    • Develop an action plan for negotiationsne
    • Effectively recognise and manage buyers’ tactics
    • Develop tactics to counter sales ploys
    • Agree strategies and tactics with key stakeholders
    • Achieve the best results in their negotiations
    • Implement key strategies to manage closing techniques
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