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Analysing Resources, Competencies and Strategic Capabilities



In a dynamic world environment organisations are, by default, people-centric. 

Much research in strategic management has been directed at how competitive advantage can be gained from internal sources, however the connection between people and technology can be a truer indicator to the extent of this.

By analysing resources, capabilities and competences holistically, an organisational strategy becomes ever more important to implement and review constantly.

This course has been designed to provide essential tools and techniques to ensure strategic success by introducing delegates to the importance of integrating your organisations resources, competencies and capabilities in strategic development.

Who should attend

This practical course is designed for Directors and Senior Managers who are responsible for analysing and utilising available resources, capabilities and competencies to dictate the future strategy and strategic development.


Conducting strategic analysis

  • How well does the current strategy fit the organisations current situation?
  • Analysing macro, micro and internal environments
  • Reviewing current resources, competencies and strategic capabilities
  • Reviewing and updating Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) based on new findings

Developing the strategy

  • Understanding the organisations business model to develop the strategy
  • Recognising the components of the organisation’s Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
  • Achieving organisational objectives by identifying and selecting how resources will be allocated

Building competitive advantage

  • Complexities of defining your organisations competitive advantages
  • Benchmarking to determine what ‘best-in-class’ performance looks like
  • Utilising V.R.I.O framework (Valuable, Rare, Imitability, Organisation) to analyse a sustainable competitive advantage

Resources to capabilities to competencies

  • Understanding the interaction between resources, capabilities and competences
  • Defining all resources required to fulfil the organisational strategy
  • Performing an organisational capabilities audit
  • Mapping the internal competence gaps to meet desired capabilities

Responding to market changes and fluctuations

  • Defining a winning strategy from a flawed strategy
  • Dynamically evolving the portfolio of resources
  • Reviewing capabilities and competences by mapping the companies processes and systems to meet future trends

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the key tools of strategic analysis
  • Appreciate the differences and impact of the macro, micro and internal environments
  • Identify the stages of developing strategy
  • Define the needs of a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Carry out a V.R.I.O framework analysis
  • Understand interaction between resources, capabilities and competences

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