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Advanced Sales Management



This course is designed to help participants to implement enterprise sales management and to bring a greater level of understanding to the sales management process. The programme will seek to look at the employee interpersonal development system while improving team effectiveness and after sales quality, and will also have a strong focus on developing the negotiation skills to close the deal and secure win-win results.

Who should attend

This innovative and practical programme is designed for experienced sales managers, executives and account managers. Attending this course will be of great value to salespeople who are required to work at a senior level with their Clients and account managers charged with handling complex, high value sales to clients with multiple decision makers.

5 days

London | £3600
Dubai | $4400


Bid Management

  • Deciding when to bid
  • Analysing tender specifications
  • Managing the bid
  • Understanding the work requirements
  • Producing and submitting the bid
  • Avoiding political pitfalls in the client organisation

Negotiation Skills

  • Establishing trust and credibility
  • Negotiation approaches
  • Priorities in negotiation
  • Negotiating price and other issues
  • Team negotiation roles
  • Closing the deal
  • After the sale – Ensuring quality assurance service

Prospecting and the Search for Potential Buyers

  • Customer segmentation 
  • Understanding the psychology of the buyer

Key Account Management

  • Management process of key accounts
  • Identifying key buyers and influencers
  • Understanding the internal culture of the customer
  • Strategic issues affecting key accounts
  • Segregation of duties

Building Team Relationships and Effectiveness

  • Establishing team roles and responsibilities
  • Encouragement of mutual respect and co-operation
  • Running effective and productive meetings
  • Positive and negative feedback
  • Developing strategies for the team

Effective Communication

  • Developing and maintaining effective business relationships
  • Enhancing enterprise sales skills and service communication
  • Conflict resolution within the team

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to add value to the sales process
  • Understand the buying process of the client organisation
  • Create competitive advantage for their clients
  • Identify the key selling message for different customer decision-making situations
  • Secure collaborative win-win results
  • Develop a negotiation strategy that supports rapport building and assertive conversations.
  • Prepare and plan for the best possible results
  • Recognise when and how to close the deal
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Team Building

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