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Advanced Project Management, Coaching and Mentoring



The pressure on companies to deliver projects on time and to budget is growing. This means that project managers need to be using high-level project management skills and operating with the most up-to-date approaches.

This advanced project management course has been designed to provide delegates with an overview of modern best practice methodologies and techniques to meet the demands of managing multiple and complex projects.  It will also introduce participants to a range of coaching and mentoring models, learning styles and communication tools, improving performance and delivering benefit to the team and the organisation.  

This course will enhance your project management skills, while also providing delegates with a clear understanding of the dynamics occurring between people when they are working on a one-to-one or group basis.

Who should attend

This practical and enlightening course is designed for Project Managers and Directors seeking to enhance their effectiveness and skills in Project Management, It will also be of great benefit to those working in the procurement or contract function or for those working in technical areas who are regularly involved in projects.

10 days

London | £5750


Project management in a fast changing world     

  • Deliver real business benefits
  • The need for agile businesses and agile people
  • The value of highly trained project managers and project personnel
  • Organisational project management
  • Change management – its link to project management and project management delivery

Project Leadership 

  • Identifying and understanding your own leadership style
  • Types of leadership; choosing how to use leadership power
  • Leading upwards (and sideways and downwards)
  • Understanding and managing the behaviour of others
  • Giving feedback – the power of feedback 

Project control

  • Project governance and its importance to project control
  • Developing overall project governance approach
  • Stage gates – their value in the overall project control
  • Prioritisation – ensuring the project is a ‘must have’ project
  • Using earned value management to check on a projects progress

Project management finance

  • The pricing process and determining a budget
  • Understanding where costs may be hidden in contracts
  • Cost estimation and forecasting techniques – the importance of cash flow
  • Risk assessment to minimise project costs
  • Developing your project management budget profile

Traditional and modern approaches to delivering projects

  • Comparing the benefits of Waterfall v agile v Kanban v scrum
  • Critical chain method
  • Keeping on track - effectively delivering against the project benefits
  • Influencing others

Coaching and mentoring

  • What are differences and similarities of coaching and mentoring
  • Workplace coaching and mentoring programs
  • Set up and run coaching and mentoring programmes
    • Benefits and drawbacks of setting up coaching and mentoring programs
  • Developing a culture for learning in your organisation

Developing practical and actionable skills

  • Creating a supportive, blame-free and challenging environment
  • Understanding assertiveness and its role in personal and professional development
  • Questioning techniques
  • Listening - how to hear and be present with your coachee or mentoree
  • Identifying and resolving conflict between individuals

Identifying learning styles

  • Understanding and working with different learning styles
    • Honey and Mumford's four Learning Styles
    • VAK learning styles
    • KOLBs learning styles
  • Giving and receiving feedback that enables others to learn and develop

Coaching and Mentoring Models

  • Developing goals that energise and motivate
  • How to use models appropriately in the right situation and context
    • GROW Model
    • ACHIEVE Model
    • STEPPPA Model
    • OSCAR Model
    • CLEAR Model
  • Role playing scenarios of coaching and mentoring and giving feedback for continuous growth  

Personal and professional development

  • Coaching and mentoring as performance management
  • Measuring performance and identifying gaps for improvement
  • Continuously developing your coaching and mentoring skills
  • Developing a support system for psychological and stress release post coaching or mentoring interventions
  • PDAP – Personal Development Action Plan

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Appreciate project benefits and how to develop them
  • Understand the project management maturity model and its implications
  • Understand how change management and project management are aligned
  • Lead your project team with clear authority and clear purpose
  • Ensure clear governance processes are in place to support project delivery
  • Understanding project finance and how earned value management supports project delivery
  • Apply different approaches to project management, including waterfall project management, agile project management, Kanban and Scrum
  • Understand what coaching and mentoring are and how these differ
  • Develop and put into practice the key skills of coaching and mentoring
  • Explore different coaching and/or mentoring models
  • Understand different learning styles to improve performance
  • Apply the principles of coaching to a range of relationships
  • Recognise and address the ethical issues that may arise within a coaching or mentoring relationship
  • Have more effective conversations with colleagues and team members
  • Measuring performance for sustainability by creating a development plan