• A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.Scott Allan
  • Patience is a key element of success.Bill Gates
  • If you're not riding the wave of change you'll find yourself beneath it. Anonymous
  • Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.Tom Peters
  • The gratification of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application.Miguel Cervantes
  • Money is human kind's greatest invention. Money doesn't discriminate. Money doesn't care whether a person is poor, whether a person comes from a good family, or what his skin colour is. Anybody can make money.Takafumi Horie
  • The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.Michael Porter

Level 3 First Line Management

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) 

The Level 3 qualifications in First Line Management are the ideal first step for anyone seeking to develop in a management or leadership role.

The qualifications are developed for junior managers, supervisors and first line managers who have operational responsibility for a defined area of activity and who wish to build on and develop their existing management skills and knowledge.

This qualification gives junior managers the communication and motivational skills to help improve operational efficiency.  It will demonstrate your level of knowledge and skills to your employer and give you the tools to improve your performance in the workplace.

You can study first line management training courses at the Award, Certificate or Diploma Level.

This CMI Management qualification at RQF Level 3, regarded in academic terms as being equivalent to a GCE AS/A level.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the accrediting body for the course.

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Level 3 - First Line Management Fact Sheet


Level 3 - First Line Management Syllabus


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