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Simon Bernardino

Simon Bernardino

Senior Consultant

Simon Bernardino is an experienced presenter and management development specialist.  His background includes teaching to post graduate level, academic research and corporate business life. 

He has researched, trained and consulted in the field of Leadership, Presentation Skills and Team Building Development for the past 12 years. Throughout his professional career Simon has established close partnerships with clients and demonstrated an ability to develop and deliver effective interventions that, with the commitment of clients and their teams, contribute to lasting change.  He has been able to translate training and development to impact where it matters most: business performance.

At strategic level Simon has worked with executive Board teams and individuals, helping them translate corporate vision, mission and values into practical actionable objectives, through organisational culture and climate surveying, to leadership coaching and development.  In all his activity he has helped organisations to get their people from what to how through applied learning. 

Simon currently works as a training consultant and is the Managing Director of his own Training Consultancy.