About LMC

Edina Bashich Edina Bashich

Edina joined LMC in 1995 and is the current Operations Director. She is the primary link between our clients and our training services. Edina's background is in psychology and business. She is a certified NLP practitioner and has trained in personal coaching. Having travelled extensively, Edina applies a cultural sensitivity to her work. Her passion is to see people achieving personal milestones, which further reflect LMC's commitment to individual development.

Sophie Walker Sophie Walker

Sophie Joined LMC in 2015 and is a key member of our customer support team. Working closely with both the operations and sales team, Sophie helps to ensure that all LMC delegates receive the world class customer service experience LMC is renowned for.

Phil Horrigan Phil Horrigan

Phil is our Learning & Development Manager and joined LMC in 2014. Phil is passionate about people development and has over 20 years’ experience in the field of management and training. Phil works closely with trainers and consultants so that they can deliver the exacting quality standard LMC is well known for. Phil works on the design, development and review of our courses, and also has the very important task of ensuring delegates are supported in all their business needs whilst at LMC. To achieve this Phil works with all members of the team to ensure there is flawless approach to delivering learning and development.

Michael Khalil Michael Khalil

Michael joined LMC in 2003. His background in marketing serves him well in his role of international business development. He is constantly engaging with clients and developing strong relationships; allowing LMC to create unique and dynamic HR development solutions while supporting them on their journey of excellence.

Gary Cooper-Godman Gary Cooper-Godman

Gary joined LMC in 2011 as the first ever resident chef.  With over 30 years of experience, having worked in the finest hotels and restaurants in the UK, as well as a number of years for British Airways.  He ensures that great food remains at the very heart of LMC. Gary also draws great reward knowing that he is feeding delegates stomachs as well as their brains.

Kyle Jaggers Kyle Jaggers

Kyle Joined LMC in 2011. After 10 years of working at LMC as a freelance trainer, Kyle joined the team in 2011 in the capacity of operations manager whilst retaining his roles as LMC’s/senior trainer.  He is involved in all aspects of the organisation to maintain and improve the functions and quality of services, as well as delivering many open courses and customised/in-house training both in the UK and Internationally.  Kyle is also a qualified engineer, process driven and charged with attention to detail, he leaves no room for errors when it comes to procedural work. This is one of the key aspects which ensures LMC continuously exceeds customer’s expectation”.

Shannon Skinner Shannon Skinner

Shannon joined LMC in 2017 and has become one of the most essential members in the company maintaining the quality of services that we provide. She is responsible for ensuring that every facility at LMC is neat, clean and well kept.

Elliot Oliver Khalil Elliot Oliver Khalil

Elliot joined LMC in 2017 as a valued addition to our Business Development team, having attained a BSc in Business and Management from Cass Business School. Prior to joining LMC Elliot worked in the banking sector within Zurich where he gained various experiences revolving around equity research, making amendments to structured products and in the fields of client acquisition and retention. It is due to this experience and a clear diligent attitude that Elliot has been able to fully understand the products we offer in a relatively short time and excel at building and maintaining strong connections between LMC and our global client base.

Yasmin Simms-Lymn Yasmin Simms-Lymn

Yasmin joined LMC in 2018 as a valued member of our administration team. She offers vital support to different areas of the company on a variety of tasks. Having studied Marketing in the past, LMC is currently supporting her as she works towards a diploma in Business Administration.