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LMC Knowledge Centre Revamp

17 Feb 2012

LMC Knowledge Centre Revamp

"Knowledge is power", and as a training provider we at LMC know that more than most. Through recent moves to improve our online visibility we've realised a big need to give our Knowledge Centre a major overhaul, with sights set on no less than creating an industry-leading business resource open to all visitors on our website.

LMC has formulated a powerful content strategy that is now being put into action helping us become a global business knowledge resource whilst at the same time improving our online visibility and website navigation. A wide range of media is being used to present the fullest range of highly relevant buisness information possible.

LMC is drawing upon its extensive resources and industry contacts built up over 15 years to publish the highest quality material every week. Of particular importance is the ability for LMC to tap into the huge combined expertise of all our trainers to bring you some truely ground-breaking peices of information and tools on a regular basis.

Take a look at our Knowledge Centre over the coming weeks and months for the latest on the broad subject areas of leadership and management, as well as more specific sectors of finance and technical oil and gas developments and training. LMC's Knowledge Centre already offers content on the following key tops of change, finance, HR, leadership, management, strategy and sustainability, and a much greater experience is now being implemented. Management tools, industry insights, the latest relevant book reviews and monthly newsletters, famous quotes and professional articles abound, this is just the beginning. Soon we'll be including video too, and developing a much more accessible archive amongst other exciting developments. Combined with our social media plans all of LMC's Knowlege Centre information will be even easier to locate and use how ever you wish.

If you have any interest in what we are publishing in the Knowledge Centre by all means contact us on customersupport@lmcuk.com and we'll take a look!

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