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The Credit Crunch Uncovered

Over the past year, the credit crunch has been on the top of financial agendas across the world. But how did the crisis develop? This Insight Article uncovers the roots of the credit crunch. ... Read more



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Steve Jobs - The Essence of a True World Class Leader

Despite the passing away of Steve Jobs (SJ) there is no doubt that he is the epitome of a great business leader. He is a leader in terms of design, innovation and thinking out of the box. He is also exceptionally... read more

Strategic Leadership The Obama Way

    Barack Obama is the master strategist. When the world awoke on the morning of 5th November 2008 to the news that Obama had just been elected the 44th President of the United States it was the culmination... read more

Developing A Leadership Strategy - A Vital Ingredient For Organisational Success

Introduction Organizations depend upon capable leadership to guide them through unprecedented changes. Yet, there is ample evidence in the news and in recent research reports that even some of the best... read more

How to Manage Diversity Effectively

A diverse workforce can present the workplace with both new opportunities and difficulties.  This article discusses a number of examples and practical recommendations for managing diversity effectively. The... read more

Training is Always a Good Investment

Financial instability or changing market conditions should not lead to reduced training investment, say a number of top businessmen in the UK. They recommend sustaining or even increasing training budgets... read more
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