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Strategic Leadership The Obama Way

    Barack Obama is the master strategist. When the world awoke on the morning of 5th November 2008 to the news that Obama had just been elected the 44th President of the United States it was the culmination... Read more



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The Credit Crunch Uncovered

Over the past year, the credit crunch has been on the top of financial agendas across the world. But how did the crisis develop? This Insight Article uncovers the roots of the credit crunch. ... read more

Managing the Change in Talent

As the demands in the workplace are changing, it is time to step up the focus on talent management. This Insight Article presents a step-by-step check list. A recent study from Deloitte has showed that... read more

Measuring Training to Build Success

Training is a positive and inspiring experience in itself, but how well does it translate into results back in the workplace? This Insight Article argues how organisations must focus on a measurable and... read more

A Lesson in Leadership and Change

Gordon Brown has had a turbulent first year as British Prime Minister. His take over from Tony Blair, his handling of a number of events, and the reactions from the press and the British public read as... read more

Seeing Blue: A New Strategy for Business Success

LMC examines three applications of Blue Ocean Strategy to explain phenomenal business success stories in the fields of family entertainment, computer technology and sports. Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) has... read more
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