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Financial Analysis and Evaluation

London fees £5750 Duration 10 days



In the modern business environment the understanding of financial analysis and evaluation is even more essential. This course will help delegates to appreciate the importance of planning and budgeting within their organisation. Through practical examples delegates will understand the practical application of budgeting and financial analysis techniques.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for non-financial managers who need to become familiar with the concepts and techniques of budgeting and financial analysis.

  Thank you LMC for the excellent course. I would never change LMC as my training provider, hope to see you all next year! Fajer Al-Bannay, KOC
  • The Strategic plan

    • Organisations financial strategy and annual budget
    • Capital budgeting
    • Evaluation of projects using investment appraisal techniques
    • Evaluation of alternative appraisal techniques
  • External analysis

    • Evaluation of financial statements and report preparation
    • Identifying the limitations of financial statements
    • Computerised budgeting
    • Case study in budget preparation
  • Alternative budgetary techniques

    • Zero based budgeting
    • Activity based budgeting
    • Flexible budgeting
    • The “Learning Curve”
    • Break–even analysis
    • Financial performance measurement
    • Responsibility accounting
    • Divisional performance
    • Transfer pricing
  • Analysing and presenting business information

    • Effective presentation for management

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

    • Developing a capital expenditure budget
    • Creating and assessing operating budgets
    • Determining financial performance measures
    • Conducting a financial analysis
    • Creating financial reports
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